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BMW set out to reclaim the Guinness World Record™ for longest vehicle drift in 8 hours. Please join BMW in commending World Record Driver Johan Schwartz, Refuel Driver Matt Mullins, and Refueler Matt Butts, for a triumphant, Guinness World Record-breaking performance.

Matt Mullins helped the BMW M5 secure a second Guinness World Record for the longest twin vehicle drift (water assisted) on record. Johan and Matt achieved an impressive 79.26 km (49.25 mi) drift, surpassing the previous 2014 record of 28.52 km (17.72 miles), set in Dubai.

Before attempting the world record, our team knew we had to engineer a solution to refueling the BMW M5 while mid-drift. Watch this video to find out just how we did it.

BMW crushed the previous drifting world record of 89.55 miles with a record-breaking 232.5 mile drift.

Be loud, be proud, and shatter expectations when driving a BMW.

That innovation and desire to attempt something bold & exciting is what separates BMW from everyone else. Our luxury cars & luxury sedans are unstoppable, unequaled machines.

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